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The GOOD the BAD &  the UGLY



North East Leaflets based in Middlesbrough.

Whilst our professional door to door leaflet distribution staff where our in the cold light of day after the early morning snow storms,

we encountered all that is

GOOD BAD and EXTREMELY UGLY about delivering leaflets.

First the GOOD,

Well after driving through the  heavy snow storm on the A19 heading north towards Easington County Durham we finally got GOOD enough weather to start the leaflet distribution for our customer.

The BAD,

As we are going around posting our customers leaflets door to door we came across all that is  BAD in the world of leaflet distribution,

some other leaflet distribution team believed it a GOOD idea not to post the leaflets door to door through the letter box but rather just bundle them up and push them into the cracks in the gates.

Not only does this result in most of the leaflets falling out and littering the streets but as the weather was on-off rain and snow all the leaflets were now wet and useless.

So their customer might have just as well asked the printer just to throw them straight in the bin along with the cash they have payed the distributor to deliver the leaflets.


One very irate house holder get very angry and accused us of leaving open his gate twice this week and letting his dogs out, the man was so angry I thought he was going to get violent. Luckily he didn’t.

He was so worked up i dont even think it was worth explaining that this was the first time this week we had delivered leaflets in Easington and the last time we were in Easington county Durham was about 3 weeks earlier so it could not possibly have been north east leaflets who left his gate open.

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